Crab Soup Seasoning Powder

Crab Soup, has a lot of health benefits such as increasing the density of bones, improving heart health because of its omega-3 fatty acids, detoxing our bodies and increasing our blood circulation.

Crab meat as the main ingredient, side ingredients can add vegetables such as asparagus, corn, cabbage, carrot slices, potatoes or onions. To have a thicker texture, crab soup with corn and eggs is the soup to go.

Usage Directions

Seasoning Powder (5%)

Soup base

Preparation Instruction (2 Pax):

  • Boil 100g of water
  • Add 5g of seasoning powder
  • Stir and serve

Country of Origin: Singapore


Recommended Storage: Store in cool and dry condition

Shelf-Life: 12 Months (Storage below 18°c) / 9 Months (Storage above 18°c) from the date of manufacture under recommended storage condition


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