Premium Textured Soy Protein Plant Based Minced Meat 500g (Non-GMO and No MSG)


Made from non-GMO isolated soy protein, meat slice can transform into any delicious, meatless and healthy dish. With the latest extrusion technology and rehydration process, the textured like real meat, highly nutritious, 100% plant based and vegan friendly. Easy to cook with any recipe such as bbq, stew, stir fry or patty and dumpling.


Non-GMO isolated soy protein, non-GMO defatted soy flour, corn starch, wheat flour

Usage Directions:

1. Soak 100g plant based meat to 1 litre hot water for 15 mins

2. Extract water from the soaked plant based meat

3. Either use blender to mince, followed by egg or flour as binder and shape into patty or dumpling or add 5-10g seasoning powder to marinade and cook with any recipe, adjust taste to individual preference

Product of Taiwan

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Recommended Storage: Store in a cool dry place (below 70% RH, below 28°C). Avoid humidity, high temperature and direct sunlight

Condition of Shelf Life: Under ambient condition, the product can store for 12 months


1kg, 500g


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