Calamari Seasoning Powder

Calamari, often used in many cuisines for squid dishes. There are many preparation methods which fried squid is common in the Mediterranean. In Lebanon and Syria, it is served with tartar sauce. In New Zealand, Australia, the United States and South Africa, it is sold in fish and chip shops. In Britain, it can be found in Mediterranean ‘calamari’ or Asian ‘salt and pepper fried squid’ forms in various food establishments, often served as a bar snack, street food or starter.

Usage Directions

Seasoning Powder (5-7%)

Fries, fried chicken, popcorn, onion rings, all types of cooked food or snacks

Preparation Instruction (2 Pax):

  • Deep fry 100g of fries
  • Cool fries after frying
  • Sprinkle 7g of seasoning powder

Country of Origin: Singapore


Recommended Storage: Store in cool and dry condition

Shelf-Life: 12 Months (Storage below 18°c) / 9 Months (Storage above 18°c) from the date of manufacture under recommended storage condition


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